Let’s be Basic!

California Roll Is that how the kids say it these days? Basic. Since this will be the our first blog post I thought keeping it “basic” would be a great idea. When it comes to sushi what could be more basic than the California roll. For the American sushi eater it’s probably the most common, or basic roll you can find. Even if you have never had sushi you have probably heard of the California Roll.

The history of the California Roll is a little confusing in that three different chefs claim that they are responsible for its creation. A couple things are clear though. It showed up in the Hollywood/Los Angeles areas between the sixties and the seventies. It appealed to the western taste buds, because the rice was on outside, or uramaki style. Originally the roll was made using the maki style which is where the seaweed is on the outside.

Not fond of the seaweed taste it is said that it was not uncommon for Americans back then to be caught tearing the seaweed off the roll. Clearly these people were savages, but those were different times. The debate amongst the three chefs is that they all claim that they came up with the idea to put the rice on the outside. Believe it, or not that is actually a fairly new practice. So who invented the California Roll? We may never know, but I’m glad someone did.

Making the roll is pretty straight forward. It’s ingredients consist of three things.

Avocado Crab Stick Cucumber
Avocado, Crab Stick, Cucumber


If you are just starting out making sushi then I highly recommend you start with the California Roll. The prep time is very low, and that allows you to focus on your rolling, and cutting. It’s also very cheap. In this version I’m using crab stick. Crab stick is inexpensive, and comes in big packs. Perfect for doing big quantities at a low cost. Of course if you want to class it up a notch you can always substitute cooked king crab leg for your meat. I personally haven’t tried this, but it’s a safe bet that there will be a post about it soon.

Of course if basic isn’t your thing than the California Roll is still a great roll to work with. With a couple sauces, rice toppings, and wasabi you can make literally hundred of variations using the California Roll as a base.


Alright, so get out there and start rolling! Check back next time for stories about how making good rice take practice. Lots of practice…


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