Sushi 101 Class

I love sushi so much I taught myself how to make it, and now I want to teach you how to make it too. 

In Home Classes

In Home Classes

This is my original class. The idea is simple. You get a hand full of friends (minimum of 4). I come over with everything you need to make 4 rolls of sushi. We have a blast.

$60 a person  Everyone makes 2 simple rolls, and 2 complex rolls.

Company Parties and Corporate Team Building

Corporate Events

A company party is an easy way to break the ice with your coworkers, and have a fun time making, and eating sushi. I set up everything in a location of your choosing. Then you and your coworkers get to make two simple rolls.
The whole class takes a little under under an hour. Very easy to do for a lunch break.

$20 a person  Everyone makes 2 simple rolls. Wasabi and soy sauce supplied.

This style of class is also great for birthday, bachelor/bachelorette, engagement, and holiday parties.

Sushi Supplies

Sushi Supplies

Click the button below to go over to my supplies page for list of all the stuff you will need to get started making sushi!


YouTube Coming Soon

Online Classes

As all creatures must evolve to survive, so must Retro Sushi. Coming in 2021 I will have two different types of online classes. 

The first type will be for free on YouTube. I will be posting regular short, and long videos that will be teaching you how to make various types of sushi rolls, and sushi pieces. I’m even thinking about doing a ramen section of videos.
Feel free to stop over to my YouTube page now, and subscribe so you can be alerted when I post my first video

The second type of class in going to be an actual one on one virtual chat where I will walk you step by step through the process of making sushi with a list of ingredients and tools that I will have provided you with.  Please check back in 2021 for more details.


Merch Available

We have some pretty cool merch we sell through our Twitch page. Go over and check out our inventory. 

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