Rainy Days and a Brand Promise

Oh geez it's raining again...

I was recently ask the question “With your classes are you providing an authentic Japanese experience?” The timing of this question made me laugh, because I had just done some research about how to market a “Teaching” business. One of the first things I learned was that you need to come up with a brand promise. A brand promise for a tutor, teacher, or instructor is basically like saying “After you take my class you will walk away understanding ________, and this is how I am going to teach it to you.”


So on this dreary, rainy, Central PA day I’m going to explain to you what my brand promise is, and also show you what I made myself for lunch, and how that’s related.

Yes these are my rainy day sushi socks.

The answer to my friend’s question is a hard “No.”
I of course in no way mean that negatively. I’m just not Japanese. I speak a little, and practice speaking everyday for fun. I went there last year to climb Mt. Fuji, and I’m going back this year for my fortieth birthday, and a large sight seeing tour. I also of course have a solid love affair with sushi which is a Japanese style food that I’ve become confident enough in making that I want to teach of others. Do I want to provide you with a Japanese culture experience? Sorry, but the answer is no. But here’s what I do want to give you…

The Retro Sushi Brand Promise:

With our class we want to provide you with a basic understanding of how to prepare, cook, and assemble any kind of sushi you want to create, anytime you want to do it.

An example of what you could do with what you will learn from one of our classes is what I made myself for lunch today. I made a Spicy Salmon and Salmon Skin Roll. Is this a roll I have on a menu? Nope. It’s a roll I made by just looking in my fridge.

 One of the things I love about making sushi is that once you get good at it it actually takes very little time. It is also great because it takes very little ingredients as long as you have some of the basics.

Today I only had one piece of salmon in my freezer, and it was an end piece. I wanted to make the most out of what I had so this is what I did.

First I cut the skin off the salmon, and put that to the side. I diced up the meat, and made a spicy salmon mix (see my post about spicy roll here).

After that I grabbed a cucumber, an avocado, and some scallions. Prepped them up.
I then fried up the skin after mixing it with some sesame oil, and chili sauce.
Then I rolled it uramaki style, cut it up, and used the fried skin as a topper.
Minus the rice cooking time the whole process took 15 minutes.

By simply using sushi basics I was able to prep, and make a sushi lunch for one in less than half an hour. That is what I want my brand promise to be centered around. Passing this type of sushi understanding on to other folks that also want to be able to to do the same.

Well that’s all I have to today. In you live in Central PA…Stay dry!

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