That’s a SPICY sushi!

How to make Spicy Tuna and Salmon Sushi

By far some of the most popular rolls on any sushi restaurant menu are the spicy rolls. Recently I had some experience were I put out a limited menu that had both spicy tuna and salmon rolls on it. They were the most popular items ordered.  In this post I’m gonna give you a quick rundown of what is in a spicy roll, and how to make it. 

First let’s start with preparing the meat. Salmon is pretty straight forward. Take a piece big enough to fulfill the amount you will need for the sushi you are making. After you have the amount you need you then chop it up into pencil eraser size pieces. 

Hint: It is usually one to two ounces of meat for both regular rolls and spicy.

Tuna is going to be the same prep if you are using a regular filet cut of the fish. Take the amount you need, and chop it down into small pieces. If you have bought a large amount of tuna you might have some sections that have a decent amount of sinew in them. These sections are actually your ideal pieces to use for spicy tuna. This way you can save your prime pieces for other rolls, or even sashimi.
As you can see in the pictures above I have one of these pieces with a lot of sinew in it. The trick here is simple. Take the back edge of your knife, and beat the fish repeatedly. If you look at the second picture you can see where I did this. This process helps break down the fish. Then you can take a spoon and scrape the meat right off the sinew

Once you have prepared the meat the next step is mixing in your ingredients. In this post I will be giving you the recipe I use for my spicy rolls. I do encourage you to look around the web for other recipes. You might find some variations that suit your taste better.

For two rolls worth of meat I use the follow:

1 tablespoon of Sesame Oil
1 tablespoon of Sriracha Mayo
1 tablespoon of straight Sriracha sauce
Diced scallions 

From here it is up to you whether you want to add, or subtraction to make it more or less spicy, and that’s it! Super easy to make! After that you can make whatever kind of sushi floats your sushi boat. Below I have picture examples of a roll on my menu I’m calling The Power Up Roll. I offer this roll in both a tuna, and salmon version.

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