Vacation Class

This past week was vacation week. My family, and a hand full of friends got to spend a whole week in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. My brother in-law put together a great trip, and booked a great house for us to relax in, and realign our spirits.

Of course that didn’t stop me from teaching my family, and friends how to make a little sushi. Throughout the week everybody had planned something different to do for dinner. I thought it would be fun to bring down my sushi kit, and give everybody a little class.

Since we were on vacation I didn’t want them to have to work too hard so I did most of the prep work. I cut up all the veggies, and meat. Cooked the rice, and made up some spicy tuna, and spicy salmon.

To start them out I showed them how to make a basic California Roll. This is usually how I like to start a class. The California Roll is a very basic, and very easy roll to start with. From there I strayed from the typical routine of the class, and let them take the wheel. They could combine any meat and veggie combo they wanted. I also showed them how to make nigiri pieces.

My mission was to give the group the same experience that I want to give with every class I teach. If people are smiling, laughing, sharing, and eating I find that to be a success.
After about an hour everyone seemed to be slowing down. Having worked in restaurants most of my life that’s usually the sign people are getting full. Everyone for the most part made two to three rolls, and a couple pieces of nigiri.  This is usually what most will make in classes.


As for the rest of the vacation it was a great time with great weather. We also had some amazing backgrounds to enjoy. The darker picture here is a shot I took of the strawberry moon that took place. This picture obviously doesn’t do it justice.

Over all we had a great time. It didn’t move too fast, or too slow. It was the perfect amount of time to rest ourselves.

This vacation might be over, but we still have a whole summer to enjoy! Tubing, volleyball, cookouts, and of course it goes without saying SUSHI!!!

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